Best NBA prop bets today: SuperDraft player prop picks for Heat-Celtics Game 4

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Jaylen Brown, Gabe Vincent

Game 4 of the Eastern Conference Finals could go one of two ways: the Celtics could continue to lay an egg as they did in Game 3, or they could defend their coach's honor and battle back to extend the series. It's hard to know which outcome we will see, but we did our best in our betting preview. Honestly, though, betting player props might be easier in this series than handicapping a spread. So, naturally, we're putting together a player prop bet on SuperDraft ahead of this evening's tip (8:30 p.m. ET, TNT). 

It won't surprise anyone that "Playoff Jimmy" Butler, aka "Jimmy friggin' Butler," once again cracks our betting list. He has been the most dominating player in the Eastern Conference Playoffs and has continued to own the Celtics at every turn. He also makes every player around him better, and some of the breakout role players around him also intrigue us in SuperDraft's Game 4 offerings. 

Two players whose OVERs we won't be targeting in the player prop market are Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown. These guys have been brutal shooting the ball and arguably even worse taking care of it. The All-NBA duo has combined to shoot 7-of-40 from beyond the three-point line and have 23 turnovers compared to just 21 assists. Everything that Butler has been this series, the Jays have not. 

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If basketball fans want to bet on more big performances from Butler — or more struggles from Tatum or Brown — SuperDraft makes for a great site to do so. SuperDraft bettors can pick an over/under on two or more player props. If they hit both legs of a two-prop bet, they win up to 3X the amount wagered. The potential return increases each time a prop gets added. Think of it as a "Same Game Parlay." More legs equal more risk, but also a bigger potential payout.  However, not all players have the same props, so keep that in mind as you pick your over/under plays and try to win some cash during tonight's game.

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SuperDraft Player Prop Picks for Heat-Celtics Game 2

Jimmy Butler, G/F, Heat — OVER 6 assists

Jimmy Butler & Jayson Tatum
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The Celtics will likely throw whatever they can at Butler, which almost certainly will not work. Miami isn't on the verge of yet another NBA Finals berth solely because of Jimmy Buckets' shooting — he also has tremendous vision and playmaking at just about every segment of big games. Double him up and he'll burn you by hitting the open shooter. Send a help defender when he burns someone on the drive and he'll hit the open back-cutter or lob it to Bam under the basket. With the Heat shooting 52 percent from the floor and 48 percent from deep, how can we doubt his ability to hit six-plus assists? He has 19 dimes through three games, so the average is already there, and the expected narrative lines up nicely. Smash the OVER.


Jaylen Brown, G/F, Celtics — UNDER 23.5 points

Jaylen Brown
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Brown has looked lost in this series. He's shooting 10 percent from the three-point line but yet he has taken 20 of them. He often dribbles into traffic and turns the ball over or takes a low-percentage shot. He also doesn't get to the free throw line enough, or he gets to the line and then bricks one or both. It's maddening for Celtics fans to watch, but it's great for the savvy Brown UNDER bettors who continue to cash in. Brown has 50 points total through three games. Pound the UNDER here and rejoice as he walks out of Kaseya Center tonight with his head down in shame. 

Bam Adebayo, C, Heat — OVER 9.5 rebounds

Bam Adebayo
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Bam has 28 boards through three games, although 17 came in Game 2. Then Joe Mazzulla and the Celtics inexplicably threw out a "small" lineup ahead of Game 3, and multiple Celtics tried to neutralize Bam on the boards all game. That helped Butler wind up with eight boards, a total we doubt he will replicate tonight. Expect Adebayo to get back to double-digit rebounds tonight, as Butler will likely garner more of the Celtics' attention across the board. Bam has more size, strength, and heart than just about every Boston big at this point, and he runs circles around 36-year-old Al Horford. He also appears much quicker and stronger on the block and glass than Robert Williams. The result? Ten-plus boards. 

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Gabe Vincent, G, Heat — OVER 12.5 points

Gabe Vincent
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The Heat have some dogs, as Butler says, but Vincent might be the biggest emerging dog of the undrafted pack. The sharpshooting guard poured in 29 points in Game 3, and there's no possible way Erik Spoelstra will go away from him tonight with his confidence at an all-time high. As he often gesticulates, Vincent has ice in his veins — while the Celtics are just flat-out ice cold — so bet on the guard to hit at least the teens for the third time in four games. 

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