When was the last time the Panthers won the Stanley Cup? List of Florida's playoff history, championships

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For the first time in nearly 30 years, the Panthers are headed to the Stanley Cup Final. 

Florida continued its 2023 Cinderella run with a sweep of Carolina in the East Finals, moving four wins away from a championship that seemed extremely unlikely at the start of the playoffs.

The Panthers do not have an extensive postseason history. In comparison to the rest of the league, Florida is a newer franchise, with its first season in the league coming in 1993. This year's run is already the second-furthest the team has ever gotten in the NHL playoffs. 


The Sporting News takes a look at the last time the Panthers won the Stanley Cup and their complete playoff history. 

When was the last time the Panthers won the Stanley Cup?

The Panthers have never won a Stanley Cup. 

In fact, Florida had only made it to one Stanley Cup Final before this season. That came in 1996 when the Panthers faced off against the Avalanche. 

Goaltender John Vanbiesbrouck carried the team in what was dubbed the Year of the Rat, bringing the third-year expansion club to the finals. However, Colorado swept Florida in four games to win the Stanley Cup. 

How many Stanley Cups have the Panthers won?

Florida is one of 12 NHL clubs that have never won a Stanley Cup. 

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In addition to the Panthers, the Coyotes, Sabres, Blue Jackets, Wild, Predators, Sharks, Jets, Senators, Canucks, Golden Knights and Kraken have never won a championship in NHL history. 

Panthers playoff history

The Panthers' playoff history is not very extensive. 

Excluding the 2023 postseason, Florida won more series (three) during the 1996 run to the Stanley Cup Final than every other season combined (one). The club's first-round series win against the Capitals last year was the franchise's first since 1996. 

Here is a complete look at the Panthers' playoff history. 

Season Result
2022-23 TBD
2021-22 Lost in Second Round
2020-21 Lost in First Round
2019-20 Lost in Qualifying Round
2018-19 Did not qualify
2017-18 Did not qualify
2016-17 Did not qualify
2015-16 Lost in First Round
2014-15 Did not qualify
2013-14 Did not qualify
2012-13 Did not qualify
2011-12 Lost in Conference Quarterfinals
2010-11 Did not qualify
2009-10 Did not qualify
2008-09 Did not qualify
2007-08 Did not qualify
2006-07 Did not qualify
2005-06 Did not qualify
2004-05 Season canceled due to lockout
2003-04 Did not qualify
2002-03 Did not qualify
2001-02 Did not qualify
2000-01 Did not qualify
1999-00 Lost in Conference Quarterfinals
1998-99 Did not qualify
1997-98 Did not qualify
1996-97 Lost in Conference Quarterfinals
1995-96 Lost in Stanley Cup Final
1994-95 Did not qualify
1993-94 Did not qualify
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